Reiki Treatments

Deeply relaxing

Activate your innate healing ability

Reduce pain & anxiety, restore inner peace

                     Learn Reiki

Enrich & nourish your life from within

Traditional Japanese teaching method

Beginners welcome!

                Meditation Classes

Weekly drop in group classes

Simple breath & mindset techniques

Private & online options available




"Thank you so much for such a wonderful day.
I arrived home in a blissful, peaceful state I hadn't ever experienced before :-)
What you have shared with me is such a wonderful gift. I am truly grateful to have met you. 
Looking forward to the next session next week"

"This Reiki workshop was one of the best things that I've done here in Australia.
I'm very happy and I feel blessed of being part of it and meeting you. 
My energy is settling slowly but I'm very happy and feel so good with it.
I wanted to thank you specially because you make me feel like 'home' "

"I was lucky enough to be doing meditation classes with Vicki when she offered me a reiki therapy session. What a revelation. I knew nothing about reiki but was suffering from bad lower back and knee pain. I received immediate relief and received such kindness and support. Vicki is a real healer which is so hard to find. It is a fascinating therapy and I am a dedicated follower.
Thank you Vicki so much for helping relieve my chronic pain and offering so much support"




A safe space. A gentle quiet. Northern Beaches Reiki & Meditation offers a place for you to heal, to learn, to restore.

My practice has been operating since 2005  in  Avalon on Sydney's Northern Beaches. 

I focus on the teachings of traditional Japanese Reiki.

Book now to receive a Reiki treatment, enrol in a Reiki course or join a Meditation class.






My passion lies in helping my clients reconnect to their body’s innate healing ability. I work to release tension both in mind and body, allowing you to relax and restore. This is your healing space, your time.

I have over 15 years experience as a Senior Reiki Teacher and Practitioner. During my journey I have received extensive training and developed an advanced understanding of both Western and traditional Japanese styles of Reiki.

My method is based on harnessing the healing capacities of the Japanese Five Elements to generate a deeply healing and grounding experience. Learn more...




Rave about Reiki

Having reiki treatments and then taking the time to learn the self practices has completely changed how I prioritise and care for my own energy as well as create space for my clients. In my Personal Training and Health Coaching I often talk to people very openly about their own experiences, bodies, thoughts, and emotions – which is my favourite part about the job.

Your First Reiki Treatment

This is your healing space, your time. You may notice sensations of warmth or tingling. You may also feel more peaceful, centered and calm.